Shilpaloka  is only a traditional  sculpture studio  at Goa.  Specialized in  black stone and  marble
                      sculptures, exclusive  wood  carvings,  bronze  sculptures  and  portraits,  Garden sculptures, fibre
                      - glass  murals, mementoes  and  corporate  Gifs  and Clay and  POP  models.

                     Stone sculpture:
                     Shilpaloka   is  the  only  establishment   in  Goa with  expertise  and  infrastructure  in  the  field of  
                     iconographic sculpture of Indian  traditions. This  establishment  is headed by Puttaswamy Gudigar
                     who  is an  archeologist  and a sculptor.  Infact  in his whole  family  there are  reowned sculptures
                     having  National  and  State  Awards.  Dozens of idols have  been sculpted by  them and are being  
                     worshiped in  temples of  Goa.

                     Shilpaloka  which was  started in  the  year  2005 is  scaling  great  heights  now.  Shilpaloka is  an
                     exclusive   traditional  sculptures  studio  in  Goa  which is  specialized  in black  stone  and  marble
                     sculptures   exclusive  wooden  carvings , Bronze   sculptures , and   portraits,  garden  sculptures,
                     fiber  glass  murals, monuments ,  corporate   gifts , clay and  plaster  of paris  models .

                    The  main  objective  of  Shilpaloka  is the revival of Ancient  Indian traditional  art and  architecture.    

                Shilpalokas activities
     shilpaloka  Stone  temple  deities, wall  sculptures,  stone  door  frames,  carved  stone  pillars,  mythical  
        animals etc.

     shilpaloka  Massive  sculptures  of  Hindu,  Buddhist,  Jain and  Christian statues from  10 feet  to  100 feet.
        (If  rock  cut mountain  high relief  sculptures up  to 300  feet)
     shilpaloka  Wooden  temple  sculptures,  carved  doors,  Devaras,  Church  wooden  statues etc.

     shilpaloka  Metal  ( Bronze,  Panchadhatu  and   Silver )  sculptures,  realistic   statues,  Utsav  Moorthis,
        Prabhavalis  etc.

      Contemporary  garden  sculptures  in  stone  and  bronze.

     shilpaloka  Fibre  glass  sculptures,  murals  etc. 

     shilpaloka  7 feet   Bronze   Nataraja  of  Chola  style,   Installed  at  Goa  Raj  Bhavan  (2003).

     shilpaloka  Decorative  stone  door  jamb  and  wall  with  Kalabhairava  and  Veerabhadra  4  Feet  
        sculptures, warrior  panels,  Kadamba  style  2  Elephants. Stone  Mandapa at  Mallikarjun 
        Temple Canacona, Goa.

      Stone  Dashavatara  wall  sculpture  at  Shree  Damodar  temple  Zambaulim,  Goa.

      Decorative  Stone  wall  with  door  frame  including  2  Dwarapalas  at  Dhavali,  Ponda.

     shilpaloka  Shree  Mahalasa  Devi, Lord  Ganesha,  Mahalaxmi  and  Shata  Durga at  Verna.

     shilpaloka  7  feet  Teak  wood  Christ  resurrection  posture  at  Porvorim  Chappel,  Goa.

     shilpaloka  Black   stone  Lord  Vishwakarma,  installed  at  Manu  Maya  Vishwakarma Samaj, SPM.
        Road,  Belgaum,  Karnataka.

     shilpaloka  8  feet  bronze  Nataraja  of Chola Style  installed at  Ramoji  Rao’s Film City Hyderabad.

      5  feet  Black  Stone  Hoysala  Ganesha  installed at  Ganeshpuri,  Mapusa  Goa.

      5  feet  Purush (Rashtholi) sculpture and 4 feet  Panchadhatu Naga sculpture installed at Vasco.

      4  feet  fibre glass  Christ  face  at Kalapur, Goa.

      3  feet  Shree  Ravalanatha  sculpture at  Mahalaxmi  temple Panaji.

     shilpaloka  Black  stone  Shree  Varasiddhivinayaka sculpture at  Donapaula, Goa.

     shilpaloka  Black  stone  Shri  Mauli  Devi  Kankumbi,  Karnataka.

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